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Web Design, Blog and Illustrations

Blog website, purely for fun!

Web Design, Blog and Illustrations

Noobs United UK is a website that was created by me for myself and my terrible noob-like XBOX One friends and family. Having been an avid gamer since the painstaking days of the 30 minute loading time of the Commodore 64, I decided to further the exploits of my current gaming experiences and create a web site using some HTML, CSS, PHP and Wordpress.

Providing a valuable insight first and foremost to the Wordpress CMS environment, I was able to create a sub-section within the site that used the Blog utility to post latest posts and comics.

A constant work in progress, I was able to provide all the illustrated art and content, ensuring the site is responsive to different screen sizes, modern browsers and includes subtle micro animated content such as hover effects and overlays. Also, using Wordpress has enabled me to understand and use the interface and dashboard, so that I could enable others in the Noobs United to have varying levels of administrative access and post their own content. I'm Just waiting on them to get on with it!

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