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Logo and Web Design

Builders based in Gravesend

Logo and Web Design

Owned by Bob (Yes - a builder called Bob!), Oakview Developments is a building company start-up that required a Logo and website. Previously established as builders for other firms, Bob and his business partner decided to take the step into being their own boss, and sourcing their own Clients. Bob and his partner had already decided on a brand name, and had wanted to incorporate the Oak element into the design. I obliged by adding an outline of a oak tree into their logo, which was achieved through Adobe Illustrator. The boys were aware of the colours they wanted for their design, so I accommodated their requirements to the design. I created a clean Logo that gave a good representation of their business, thus enabling me to move onto the website and business card design.

The web design, as with all my designs, included the research and understanding of local building companies and the industry, so that I was able to provide written content that was relevant and represented the projects that Oakview Developments undertook. Bob was able to provide imagery that I optimised, to enable faster loading and prevent a higher bounce rate from inpatient viewers! Additional images were sourced by myself and fit nicely in a visually stimulating website that portrays the different services offered and hopefully capture local business for the Oakview Developments team.

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