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Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion Graphic for Paw and Mouse Services

Motion Graphics and Animation

There is no doubt that video is becoming more and more popular amongst users, and it is important that brands and business take advantage of this fact. If done correctly, video or any other form of visual stimulation can pull in viewers and business opportunities that cannot be achieved through words only. For example, the Motion Graphic video I created would ask less work from a viewer then making them read big blocks of text - which one is more likely to get skimmed over?

By creating visual graphics, information or infographics in a video format is easier now thanks to the platforms available for business or individuals to post them to. A potential audience or customer is only a click away, and at Paw and Mouse I can help you create a personalised motion graphic to meet you or your customers needs.

This motion graphic was posted to my Facebook page and Youtube Video Channel. As well as advertising all the services I provide at Paw and Mouse, I was able to portray the Adobe Illustrator and After Effects skills I used, displaying my abilities in a straight forward manner to future clients and colleagues.

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